Bus Accidents

Our Knowledge

Knowledge is the foundation of solid legal representation. Without it the probability of closing a bus accident claim is slim to none. 50 years experience defending the rights of the injured gives our team of top lawyers all the resources and knowledge we need to close even the most difficult of cases.

Our knowledge extends far beyond just the laws. We have knowledge of the best people to talk to at the court rooms, the best process to make claims settle in the fastest manner possible, and the legal team to close the largest settlements.

Our Lawyers

Although knowledge is the cornerstone of top legal representation, without an aggressive lawyer that can pursue the most difficult cases you will not get the most favorable outcome. Our team of lawyers fights for your rights. Whether the bus accident was from a school bus or public bus, our lawyers recognize the differences between the laws and use the same aggressive approach to beat the insurers.

We have settled hundreds of millions in claims and can do the same for you. It is our aggressive approach and peddle to the metal style that has earned us a reputation for the being the strongest defender of accident victims. While the insurance company may be one of the most cut throat people in the industry, our team of lawyers push back against the corporate giants to settle cases at record speed with high settlements.

Leave it to Us

After your injuries you have enough to worry about. Because insurance company’s intentionally make the claims process difficult for the injured party, we handle every aspect of the case so all you have to worry about is recovering.

We work with doctors and medical experts to document your injuries and put the case in front of the necessary party to settle the claim.

Rights of Bus Accident Victims

Whether you were hit by a bus or were in the bus while the accident occurred, you have legal rights. The potential injuries that can result from buses are substantial. The massive force of the bus coupled with the relatively light frame of a car all but guarantee a massive injury to the party in the car. If you were in the bus while the accident you too have significant potential for injuries as there are no seatbelts and safety mechanisms to protect you.

CA Personal Injury Group vigorously defends the rights of all injured parties. Our commitment to the vulnerable and their injuries fuels our firms desire to aggressively pursue personal injury claims.

Common Reasons for Bus Accidents

The road to settling your claim first depends on establishing fault. After reviewing the case, our lawyers create a timeline of the events of the accident and how they occurred. Following this we determine the various factors that may have contributed to the accident.


  • Bus driver bad driver and subsequent error
  • Bus driver fatigue
  • Unsafe driving such as speeding, unsafe lane changes, running lights and others
  • Distracted driving condition such as unruly bus passengers, cell phone use, etc.
  • Faulty city roads or signs
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or other substances
  • Bus maintenance issues such as bad breaks, faulty tires, and others

Evidence Used in Bus Accident Claims

Bus drivers have increased responsibility in protecting the passengers that ride their vehicles. This increased responsibility comes with specific duties to protect passengers including the need to be careful and responsible when moving many people at a time. The law indicates that common carriers, which are entities that move large amounts of passengers or goods, must use diligence, care, and safety in their driving duties.

Duties of the bus company and driver include the need to maintain vehicle safety, allow easy access and exiting of the vehicle, protecting parties from injury, driving safely, and testing all vehicles.

Upon reviewing the bus accident claim we verify the reason for the accident and develop our claim accordingly. We review witness testimony, bus driver hour logs, damages to the vehicles, data from black boxes, and review other important components of the case.

Why CA Personal Injury Group

The favorable outcome you desire from your claim is highly dependent on the lawyer that represents you and the facts of the case. With over 50 years serving as one of California’s longest advocates, we have the necessary knowledge of the law and the decisiveness to put pressure on the insurer to settle your claims.

Because each claim is different there are numerous laws that need to be used to prove the extent of your injuries. We have knowledge of all the law, loopholes, and legal mechanisms to prove your case. We have settled hundreds of millions of dollars for injured victims and can do the same for you.

You only have one chance to get the settlement you need. Do not talk to the insurer without us. The insurer uses pressure tactics and different measures to benefit themselves. Our lawyers use the same cut throat pressure tactics on the insurers to get them to answer for their clients accidents.

If you Were in an Accident

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