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Car Accident Checklist

Get All the Required Car Accident Information

The success of your claim partially depends on your ability to convince the insurance company that the opposing party was at fault and your injuries occurred as a result. The following is a list of items and details you need to maximize payout.


  • Driver’s License Information: Details of the other party’s drive license including the other driver’s name, address, phone number, and license plate number. Taking a picture of the license or writing down the details are both sufficient as long as all information is documented.
  • Insurance Policy: Details of the other party’s car insurance policy.Pictures of the Scene: Take pictures of the scene after the accident. This includes taking picture of the location of the accident, pictures of the damaged cars, and any other specific pictures which help describe the accident.
  • Accident Details: Details of the accident such as how and where the accident occurred. Description of how the accident occurred such include a timeline of events such as which lanes both drivers were in, the approximate speed, and the reason for the accident.
  • Police Report: A police report is an official representation of a car accident according to the testimony of the accident victims. Documented language proving a party’s guilt will be documented in the police report. Should you be asked a question by a police officer that you ate unaware of or uncomfortable answering inform the officer you do not no.
  • Witnesses: In the event witnesses saw the accident ask them if they could verify the sequence of events. If they accept your request ask the witness for their contact information. Once you get their contact information, our team of lawyers will contact the witness and get them to sign a witness report to increase the validity of the claim.

Top Accident Lawyer Characteristics

While each lawyer has their own distinct process, there are certain characteristics that our top accident lawyers all possess.


  • Aggressive: Insurance companies go to great lengths to deny claims. Our aggressive and demanding nature makes insurers answer for their insured party’s actions that led to the accident.
  • Experience: Our firms 50 plus combined years as accident lawyers has provided us the experience of dealing with every insurance company and settling major settlements for all types of car accident cases. Put our 50 years on your side.
  • Realistic: Our firm prides itself on being realistic from the beginning. Because of our experience and aggressive nature we know how long cases typically take.
  • Brand Power: When car insurance companies see our law firm you they will know it is to their best interest to avoid unnecessary litigation and money and settle the claim because of our track record for settling.
  • Results: Five decades of experience and hundreds of millions settled later, our firm has obtained superior results for our clients. We are proud to continue this legacy by representing car accidents for the next 50 years.

Picking the Right Accident Attorney

Choosing the right accident attorney can be the difference between a denied claim and a massive settlement that addresses the pain and suffering you have been going through. While our firm has settled more car accident cases than 99 percent of other lawyers, it is our individual commitment to each client that makes our services stand out.

What makes our firm stand out is we maximize pressure on the insurance company to get the largest settlement.

Although this process takes longer and requires more commitment on the part of our lawyers, it is this individual attention to each case that allows us to increase your settlement amount in the fastest time frame. We never settle for less because it has been our commitment from the day our firm opened its doors to fight for every client regardless of the size of the claim.

The Importance of Timing in a Car Accident Case

Personal injury studies have shown that cases initiated earlier have a higher chance of closing in a faster period of time.

Although the legal system permits accident victims two years based on the statute of limitations, the legal system favors cases resolved in a short period of time. In personal injury cases, the statute of limitations period begins the day of the accident or the day a party of the accident dies.

Why Timing is So Important in Personal Injury Cases

The initial period after an accident is the most important. This is because during this period the insurer and adjusters become aware of the accident. Should time lapse following the accident and the initiation of the claim, many parties of the insurance company forget major details of the case and overall do not put as much effort as needed.

Furthermore, a lapse in time in the case may result in lost evidence, misplaced documents, and other potentially catastrophic events that can alter the outcome of a case.

Consult with CA Personal Injury Group as soon as possible to settle your case.

Types of Car Accidents We Represent

Through our combined 50 years of car accident settlements, we have settled every type of car accident case.

Car Accident Case Types:

  • Truck Accidents
  • T-Bone Accidents
  • Roll-Over Accidents
  • Commercial Vehicle Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Train Accidents

Each case introduces varying degrees of the law and angles in which to present the case. Because our law firm has successfully represented all car accident types, we have the experience, manpower, and expertise to settle even the toughest of cases.

The Value of your Accident Case

Each case has specific characteristics that alter the settlement amount. They include:

  • Lawyer handling case
  • Injuries resulting from the accident
  • Insurance coverage of the party at fault
  • Type of insurance policy (full, truck, accidental, etc.)
  • Extent of car damages

Contact our law firm to see how much you could possibly get by settling your case.

How Car Accident Damages are Determined

Car accident cases are determined on a variety of factors based on the extent of damages and injuries. The settlement amount for the car accident is based on two major factors:

  • Economic Damages
  • Non-economic Damages

Economic Damages

Damages that can be calculated with numbers and figures are referred to as economic damages. An economic damage can be clearly defined with a price tag or cost of repair. Such examples include the monetary cost of repairing the car, lost current and future wage losses, and others.

Non Economic Damages

Damages that do not have a definitive price tag are referred to as non economic damages. Common examples are the cost of pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of happiness. The majority of the money accident victims retain from an accident settlement results from non economic damages.

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