Dog Bite Accidents

How CA Personal Injury Group Applies the Law

From the moment we begin representing the injured party our team will work on your behalf in dealing with the dog owner and their insurance party. Your only concern should be to address your injuries.

Our time representing dog accident victims has shown us the tremendous strain that dog bites can have on injured parties. From the physical pain of the bite, to the emotional distress of being attacked, we recognize the difficulty of moving on from such a traumatic event. This is why our team of lawyers uses every legal concept and loophole to your advantage to bring justice to your injuries. Although money cannot take away the wounds of the injury, it is a starting point for the rights you are entitled to.

Working with the Insurance Company

The dog owner’s insurance company will try to minimize expenses by denying or reducing claims. We hold all insurance companies accountable to the maximum extent of the law. CA Personal Injury Group will fight for your rights to fair compensation. This includes expenses relating due to medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other applicable law.

Insurance companies cannot escape the law when dealing with our lawyers. Because we know the law and have the aggressiveness to follow up on the case, our lawyers put great pressure against the insurer to close claims fast and for high settlement amounts.

Working with Doctors and Experts

We work with doctors and medical experts to document your injuries. Our network of doctors help us with the case by creating documents validating the injury and its extent.

CA Personal Injury Group has 50 years experience defending the rights of dog bite victims. We have used every legal mechanism and methods to hold the dog owner at fault for your injuries.

Holding the Dog Owner Accountable

An injury as traumatic as a dog bite can cause severe damages and injury, not to mention medical bills. The injured party should never be responsible or at fault for being bitten by a dog. The cost associated with treating injuries can cause undue hardship on the dog bite victim. Expenses include medical bills, rehabilitation, fixing one’s credit due to the bills associated with the injury, and loss of income from not being able to work.

How CA Personal Injury Group Holds the Dog Owner Accountable

Settling directly with the dog owner typically does not result in a favorable outcome for the injured party. You need a dog bite lawyer that has the ability to bring forward a lawsuit and make the dog owner answer for the injuries caused by their dog.

CA Personal Injury Group initiates a lawsuit against the dog owner and their insurance company. Although we always attempt to settle outside of court because that typically results in a faster settlement, our firm is prepared to take the insurer and the dog owner to court if necessary.

California Dog Bite Law

According to the Centers for Disease Control there are 4.5 million people in the United State’s bitten by a dog every year. Nearly half of these injuries are serious or require medical attention, many of which are children. The sheer volume of dog bite accidents is outstanding and to help victims of dog bites, the law’s natural slant is more favorable to dog bite victims than it is to dog owners.

The law states that regardless of the dogs past behavior, breed, age, or sex, the dog owner must be held accountable. Dog owners can be held liable regardless of whether their negligent actions led to the attack. California law does however not protect party’s who caused the dog bite to occur such as provoking the dog or going to a place where they assumed an inherent risk by being around a dog.

Cost of Dog Bite

Besides the emotional costs of carrying on after a dog bite there are many expenses associated with improving injuries. According to reports, the average injury from a dog bite is nearly $20,000. Furthermore, there are almost 30,000 dog bite victims who get reconstructive surgery to address their injuries every year.

The cost of a dog bite is substantial and as such our lawyers aggressively pursue the law to make the injured party more equitable. Clearly no amount of money can relieve the suffering of a bite dog, however our settled cases ensure the rights of the dog bite victim have not been drowned out.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

With dog’s sizes being as wide ranging as the amount of dog breeds there are, the extent of dog victim injuries varies.

The most common dog bite injuries include:

  • Infections
  • Scars
  • Wounds
  • Deep wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Rabies
  • Head injuries
  • Mental impairment
  • Emotional Distress

Why CA Personal Injury Group

Favorable legal outcomes require the proper application of the law. Our team of top dog bite lawyers has settled hundreds of millions in settlements and have the proper legal remedy to get you result you are looking for. With over 50 years experience serving as the advocate of injured victims our firm can help you get the compensation you need.

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