Motorcycle Accidents

We Have Represented a Wide Variety of Motorcycle Accident Cases

The increased injury risks of being involved in motorcycle accident exposes drivers to much greater impacts than standard accidents. We pride ourselves in providing the best service for the most vulnerable of accident victims by providing them the best representation, best medical referral system, and highest settlements. With hundreds of millions settled and 50 years experience we have the knowledge, the lawyers, and required aggressiveness to pursue every case to the maximum extent of the law.

We help accident victims who unfortunately have head, bone, internal, or mental issues as a result of their accident. This includes accident injuries ranging from lacerations, head injuries, spinal courd injuries, fractures, and others.

How CA Personal Injury Group Maximizes Settlements

  • Maximize damages for injuries
  • Maximize medical expenses
  • Maximize property damages
  • Maximize pain and suffering damages
  • Maximize emotional distress claims
  • Maximize case law interpretation
  • Maximize loss of income claims
  • Use medical specialists to provide analysis as to why settlements should be accepted and/or increased in value

Why CA Personal Injury Group

Ca Personal Injury Group was built on the love for protecting the vulnerable and bringing their stories to the forefront of the legal system. Our aggressive pursuit of justice extends beyond just representing you, Ca Personal Injury Group shows you the best way forward to achieve maximum compensation for your injuries.

Ca Personal Injury Group has established a reputation of aggressive representation for our clients. While the insurers have world class lawyers defending them, with us so do you do. For 50 years CA Personal Injury Group has made it our mission to defend the rights of the injured and bring insurers to justice. This is how we have been able to settle hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients and we can collect for you as well.

Time is of the Essence

The faster the claim process is initiated the greater likelihood that a case will be settled favorably. Although the law permits accident victims to retain compensation for their damages and injuries, the law does not grant infinite time to motorcycle accident victims. Claims must be made quickly to prove the importance of the case and the extent of the injuries. Timely cases prove the insured party truly is suffering and is need of a resolution.

Our attorneys handle cases in the quickest most effective manner possible. This ensures there is never any lag between our firm and the insurance company therefore allowing the case to be settled in a decisive manner. Claims must be initiated within two years of the accident, which means the faster the case is initiated the faster the settlement will take place.

Timing is Important For Many Reasons Including:

  • Claims must be made within a certain period of time
  • Greater chance to prove extent of injury
  • Reduce likelihood that file will lag within insurance company
  • Maximize likelihood of payout and payout amount

Common Reasons Why Motorcycle Accidents Occurs

While the common misconception may paint motorcycle drivers as careless thrill seekers, the truth is the vast majority of motorcycle accidents are the fault of the car driver and not the motorcycle driver. The most common reasons for motorcycle accidents include:

  • Careless driving
  • Violating a law
  • Failing to stop at a stop light or passing a stop sign
  • Not looking over shoulder at motorcyclist on freeway before turning
  • Staying too close to a biker before a sudden break
  • Driving while on the phone
  • Bad driving conditions
  • Misplaced or confusing road signs

Whatever the reason for the accident, the injuries from a motorcycle accident can truly be debilitating. Our firm pushes to settle the case in the most aggressive manner by using the reason for the accident to prove the settlement of the case.

Steps After a Motorcycle Accident

The sudden impact of a motorcycle accident can catch anyone off guard. The immediate whiplash can cause great distress and cause motorists confusion therefore leading to the wrong decisions. CA Personal Injury has over 50 plus years experience holding insurance companies accountable for the faults of their clients. After an accident we do everything possible to ensure you have the best legal outcome for your accident.

CA Personal Injury Group will show you the steps to take after a motorcycle accident. The proper steps will maximize the possibility of success for your accident.

  • Get out of the way. While you may be injured make your best attempt to move yourself away from the dangers of the road
  • Call 911
  • Ensure the accident has been filed by the police through a police report
  • Retrieve all the necessary information including the other driver’s information including their driver’s license information, license plate, and contact information
  • Get the other party’s insurance information
  • Take pictures of the scene including the damaged property. Pictures should have the ability to portray the accident.
  • If the accident was witnessed by anyone, get the witnesses information and have them submit an eyewitness testimony of the accident. This can prove vital to your efforts in settling in a short period of time.
  • If you are unsure about a portion or all of the events of the accident do not answer questions. Your answers today could affect the case outcome, even if the other party was at fault.
  • Get the necessary medical care you need. Your health and recovery must be your priority. Going to the talk and getting medical attention proves to the insurance company that you are in fact injured.
  • Hire an experienced and aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer that has proven results to get you the relief you need.

We Love Motorcycles

Our passion for the open road and the freedom motorcycles give to the rider are unparalleled. We love motorcycles and stand by our commitment to protecting bikers. Many of our lawyers drive motorcycles and understand the risks associated with riding such as dangerous car drivers, unsafe driving conditions, and the general risk of motorcycle riding.

We are committed to protecting bikers from motorcycles and take extra precaution protecting their rights because of the increased danger of riding a bike. Many of our lawyers individually attend biker rallies and go to motorcycle insurance meetings and continue to show their love for bikers because they themselves are bikers.

Get the Best Motorcycle Legal Help

The top lawyers at CA Personal Injury Group have represented thousands of clients and have collected tens of millions in settlement verdicts. We have 50 plus combined years experience representing bikers and proving their injuries to the insurance companies. While insurance companies want to limit your settlements or even deny your claims you can be sure that when they work against us, they cannot skip any form of liability to the injured motorcycle rider. We hold the insurer accountable for all the injuries of our party and push for the maximum benefits according to the law.

Our track record helping injured parties extends beyond just settling the case. We are there for our injured accident victims every step of the way. We help recommend doctors and specialists to help injured parties get better and use medical experts to prove the extent of your injuries to maximize compensation. Where other firms accept a denial from the insurer or accept minimum claims, our team of lawyers aggressively push insurance companies to the highest calling of the law.

Don’t go at it alone with the insurance company. The insurer will do everything in their power to reduce your claim and even deny your case. Your case settlement depends on working with the best lawyer to protect your rights. Work with a firm who for the last 50 plus years has defended the rights of the vulnerable injured victims of motorcycle accident victims.

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