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Slip and fall accidents make a large percentage of the overall personal injury claims. Typically, slip and fall accidents occur as a result of property or business owners not adequately managing the condition of their properties. This may either be a permanent issue such as a broken floor, or a temporary problem such as an employee forgetting to wipe water off the floor. Regardless of why the slip occurred, the business or property owner is liable for inju8roes resulting from defects or hazards.

Typical examples of slip and fall injuries is when a client of a business slips as a result of a floor being wet. Because the business owner by law has the duty to protect patrons, injured party’s can get compensation for their injuries.

The CA Personal Injury Group Difference

Insurance companies do not make the necessary effort to adequately compensate slip and fall victims. Such claims require an experienced lawyer that has the necessary experience and knowledge to pursue even the most difficult of cases. Whether the fall was on camera or there were no witnesses, we have the expertise to prove a property or business owner’s liability. Our slip and fall attorney’s have over 50 plus years experience battling the hardnosed insurance companies.


You need a slip and fall attorney that has all the information required to present the strongest slip and fall claim. Because there are so many specifics in the law including type of injury, age of victim, liability, and others, you will be denied your claim or lose maximum benefits if the case is not presented in the most effective manner.


What good is knowledge without the aggressiveness to apply it. That is the CA Personal injury Group difference. We apply the law to its maximum capability to force liable party’s to compensate injured parties for their injuries.

How We Prove Liability in a Slip and Fall Case

To settle a claim favorably for a slip and fall victim our team of lawyers must prove negligence.

We do this is many ways including using:

  • Witness testimony
  • Cameras
  • Specialists
  • Doctors to prove extent of injuries
  • Reports

Our team of lawyers exhaust every last option to prove the case. For example, if a patron of a restaurant fell we would request camera recordings immediately, have a specialist verify the condition of the floor if wet, and contact witnesses to create a report. Furthermore, if needed we would look at the floor maintenance practices of the restaurant to see if they use adequate precautions to protect patrons from injury. By documenting every last detail, we hold guilty party’s at maximum fault.

Our detailed process of using every law to your advantage puts the insurer in a position to answer for our claims. This means the highest settlements.

What you Need To Do After a Slip and Fall

Following an accident take pictures of the area you were injured. This includes taking pictures of the spot the injury occurred, including what causes it such as water on the floor, or a missing bolt in the ground. The pictures should show where the accident occurred and the conditions that caused it.

If anyone witnessed the accident get their contact information. A witness can easily validate a claim, especially in the event the slip wasn’t on camera.

Do not make any statements until you contact a slip and fall attorney. After a serious injury, it can be easy to misunderstand a question or make an incorrect statement. Do not sign any documents until you review them with a lawyer. Oftentimes store owners will make injured parties sign release statements after an injury to avoid liability even though it may have clearly been their fault.

Information Needed After an Accident:

  • Parties that witnessed the slip
  • Contact information of the person contacted at the store, property, or location the accident occurred
  • Witness account
  • Contact 911 if the injury caused a serious accident such as a broken bone, loss of consciousness, head injury, or others

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